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Amish Winter Clotheslines

Last night watching all the media hype about the biggest ever snow storm hitting the northeastern States of the U.S. It brought back memories of my winters in Pennsylvania. I thought I’d share with you some of the many photos I have taken in and around Lancaster County. Not hard to see that I had a fascination for Amish clotheslines!

The Amish ladies had the neatest and longest clotheslines I’ve ever seen. Clothes were hung out in all seasons and always so orderly. Those poor Amish ladies. No electric washing machines no tumble dryers….and no steam irons! Hard to imagine isn’t it?


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Crab Design for Child’s Bedroom Curtains

Crab fabric

Enjoyed this project and looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished curtains. The curtains will hang in a young boys bedroom. Caspian’s Mum contacted me to say that of all the fabrics she’d shown her 6yr old son, this was the one he wanted for his new bedroom. Thank You Caspian!

This was a special order as we matched the colours of Annie Sloan chalk paint – Louis Blue, Greek Blue. The chalk paint will be used to paint Caspian’s bedroom furniture. In the U.S.A there is the option of floor mats which would work well in children’s bathrooms (adults too!). Matching stripe fabric or even a different scale crab design for bathroom blinds! Fun beach house textiles, or any coastal and seaside themed room.

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Mussell Shells


Walking the Gower Peninsular last weekend. So many wonderful colors and shapes. I’m already working on some new designs inspired by the mussell shells.

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Inspiration for Seagull Fabric

Came across these images over the weekend – The Seagull that Inspired my design!

Taken during a visit to friends living in Newport, Rhode Island.

What a pretty place to live!

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