Jenny Lee Katz
Jenny Lee-Katz a contemporary textile designer born in Wales has worked as a designer in London, Sydney, Paris, The Middle East and the U.S.A.

"My fascination with textiles, my love for color and cloth and the enjoyment and satisfaction I experience through working with it, has always been a big part of my life.

At first I began to screen print my designs but was always concerned and upset by the amount of dye being thrown and washed away at the end of the printing session. How happy I was to discover the digital print method and eco-friendly pigment dyes. These dyes can now be digitally printed onto the surface of the fabric, leaving basically no waste at all. I have also made a conscious effort to choose organic and eco. friendly textiles that will have the least affect in damaging our planet.

Another passion is travelling and the opportunity to experience different customs and traditions. It is wonderful to combine the inspiration I get from other cultures with my work" Jenny Lee-Katz

The beauty of the Welsh coast line and a photograph of a seagull taken on a visit to Newport, Rhode Island inspired many of the shapes and patterns used in her collection 'The Sea Shore'.

With a true artist's eye, she uses a vibrant palette of colors to create visual rhythms and sensations evocative of nature and its ever-changing beauty. The resulting artworks are not only visually striking but draw us into an exuberant world that is playful, quirky, fresh and optimistic.

Whether translated into unique one-off gallery pieces, fabric and products for home-wear or distinctive greeting cards, Jenny Lee-Katz designs make a highly distinctive statement of personal style.

Jenny Lee Katz